Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Here!

Sorry for my lack of blogging. I am in the middle of a website design, blog re-design, being a mommy, mother, and ma, relief society counselor, photographer, babysitter, friend, house keeper, and in a spare minute a wife. We are doing fabulous, making lots of memories, and enjoying new milestones. We are headed back to Yellowstone and then life hopefully will slow down a bit. Nah... probably won't. Hope your all doing well and thanks for your patience!

This cutie turned 7 months!

This little guy turned 3!!

This darling is now my big 5 year old!

And these 3 munchkins ARE MY LIFE!

3 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Rachele Funk said...

What incredibly beautiful photos! Did you take them yourself? So glad you shared!!!

Jena said...

Beautiful kiddos - good luck with everything!

Carolyn Christie said...

Your blog looks adorable! And so are your kids!! It's been great chatting with you!!