Thursday, August 26, 2010


Cleaning As Easy as 123....I thought Yeah Right! lol My house has A LOT of space to clean, I have to stay on top of it or it goes to pot very quickly. We don't even have the basement finished yet, and I still get overwhelmed by it all sometimes. As the kids get older it is surprising what good little helpers they can be at keeping up on everything. I have no idea how those people keep a huge house clean all by themselves besides it must be a full time job. I thought I would never be able to stay up on it without working my butt off to do it until......I found this.

Cleaning as Easy as 123.... For working moms and it is kind of based around moms that are working full time outside the home, however even though I dont have a "full time job" I still am pretty much working full time and I think most of you are as well. We fill our days with park visits, and swimming lessons, violin lessons, dance lessons, ranch work, yard work, crafts, projects, reading with kids, teaching kids, pre-school...... probably we work more than 40 hour weeks really and a lot of it takes place outside the home! AND then we get to come home and work some more just like mothers that work outside of the home as well. So I feel like all mom's really are working moms. Especially this time of year.

I loved this post from "Or So She Says" , it was a good push for me. I started doing this 1 week ago today, and I have felt such a huge sense of relief from lots of the stuff I was cramming into midnight hours. Even having a clean "shined" sink and everything vacuumed makes me feel so much less behind. Also at the very bottom of the post under the "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" sign there is another little link to a more detailed post she did a while back.

I also am trying the whole flylady routine again. I signed back up on Monday and am doing the babysteps which is all about establishing good habits. And I love their zone idea which will help me so much with my house and I love the working top to bottom idea. So, if you haven't heard of flylady check it out, . The website can be a little overwhelming that's why these smaller condensed posts from "Or so she says" (button is on the left side of my blog) make it a little easier.

If you have any great tips on how you keep everything looking livable, please let me know I would love any suggestions. Laundry.... now that's another story. :)

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