Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More favs

This is my FAVORITE cleaner ever. I use it on EVERYTHING and I mean that literally. It is safe for my kids and kills every germ and bacteria under the sun. It is not strong smelling and I dont have to rinse it. How can you get anything better than that. I spray it on my kid's toys all the time and use it on my counters every other day. They also have an awesome antibacterial foam, lotion, wipes, soap etc. I love them all, but this is my true soulmate. You have to buy it from a consultant. Here is Lacee's website who hooked me up with it. I am putting in an order to stock up for all the fall's sicknesses. I seriously swear by this stuff and know it has helped our family immensely stay healthier and my house stay deep down cleaner. And its safe.

My cute sister Elise gave me these for my birthday... I love them
and they are gorgeous. Now I just need to find something to put in them
to spruce up my kitchen.

I don't care who you are... you have got to love these movies. I
love the first the best, but they both are awesome. Kade and I had a marathon
the other night. Its fun to break out old movies. I also LOVE the music in them. My mom
use to play it on the piano when I was little, and me and my siblings would ride our
stick horses around in a circle in the living room while she played.
That is one of my many favorite childhood memories.

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