Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Packet: Fav 12/28

Several years ago General Conference would not have been one of my favorites that I would be posting. After several years of growing up and getting spiritually refined, my testimony is still growing stronger and stronger every day.... I LOVE General Conference and now look forward to the weekend that only comes twice a year.
There are some creative people out there that make packets to entertain kids during these meetings and they are so darling. I wanted to share with you one place where I found a packet that Kadence is so excited to get to work on.
Its found here:

Have a great, uplifting weekend. :)

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Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

Nicole i have been searching for a conference packed for my kids that a friend e-mailed me and I could not find it, I forget to get on sugar doodle now that I am not in yw's. This one is a little different but more simple. Thanks a bunch! How did the craft show go?