Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite 11/28 & Mark your calendars & Help please

I am LOVING this sign... I decided I need one. THEN I got this great idea that I would make several for all my friends and also sell them at the CRAFT FAIR in Randolph, that I am having a table at again... COME SEE ME!!


OCTOBER 3, 2009

10-4 pm

Senior Citizen Center

I found this particular darling sign on one of my new favorite blogs which is darling and has some way cute ideas on it. Go check it out if you need inspiration to get your butt moving on some crafting.

**I am selling them for about $10 I think at the craft fair, and I have only made 6 so if you really want one and aren't going to be at the craft fair let me know and I will hold it for you. I have Orange, Purple, and Green (its a little darker green than this picture) and the witch is on a broom not stirring in a pot.

I will also have Close To My Heart scrapbooking product at deeply discounted prices. I am selling again my Countdown to Christmas calendars and will post a picture of the old version and new different color version this year. So two choices.
Photography Help
First off thank you to all my friends and family who have encouraged me and supported me in my photography interest. It has been such an enjoyable experience to me this summer to get to take so many photos and learn at the same time. I know I still have a ton to learn and look forward to continuing to improve. I am finishing September off with still taking the last few photography sessions for FREE, but I need to start charging to compensate all the hours and hours it takes me to edit and take the actual pictures. So for October I am going to start charging $35, this is where I need your opinion. Is this a reasonable price? Everyone keeps saying charge $50 for everything but I think that is too much???

For $35 you will get:
  • The photography sitting
  • All pictures edited and enhanced
  • A full CD of all the edited pictures
  • A copyright release for all images

I am so nervous to start charging so I really need to know if this is reasonable and if YOU would pay this money for pictures taken by me.

You can take the CD and order pictures at your choice of photo processer or I can order them for you and the prices are very cheap.

Second: I have 12 photo sessions already scheduled for October, which I am absolutely thrilled about!! The weather and scenery is absolutely GORGEOUS right now for pictures. Since I have all this business coming up, I need to probably get a license of some sort if I am going to collect money AND I need to come up with a name to watermark my pictures and set up a blog/website to view all the pictures. I need some NAME ideas. HELP!

Lastly: For all my blogging followers and faithful friends on here.... if you have me do any pictures in October or November I will give you 10% off my flat fee and any storyboards, collages, etc. 8X10's are around $2.50 if you order through me, to give you an idea on pricing.

Thank you for your opinions, interest, and encouragement again!

4 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Brynn said...

You need to charge at least $50 or more! It's a great service you are providing and you should be compensated for it :)

Nancy said...

I don't think I can remember all the questions. Remember I am old:) First off though I thought you had been married to a Martin long enough that you were a bullit proof passenger:)
Next 50 is definately not to much for what your doing. If you go at least that much then you can have specials and still be getting paid for your time.
Lastly, Tom doesn't have a local business license. If I remember right it is because we are in the county.
I'll have to ponder on a name?

Meggie said...

I love the sign. It is so cute! I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to the craft fair or not, could you save me a green sign? Maybe you could send it to preschool if I don't end up making it to the craft fair.

Anelisa said...

Just knowing the little I do about photography and editing and enhancements I would say that you need to charge more. I wouldn't do it for less than $50 seriously (especially if you are going to edit everything and then give them all the pics on a CD with a copyright release.) Your pictures are darling and you do a great job. Just my 2 cents!!! We just paid much more than that for a photographer for Rory's wedding and for about the same type of deal!!!