Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Things 3/28

$50 more in Lowe's cards making it $120 so far, and $500 Visa gift card
Look what came.... I wasn't expecting it yet they said 6-8 weeks for delivery,
and it approved August 3rd so that was much faster than anticipated. Woo Hoo!
$500 Wachovia Visa Gift Card. I profited easily $450 for 4 hrs of computer time.
Not... too... shabby!! I started my next $500 one on Monday, so I can have it in November sometime for Xmas shopping. I LOVE making easy money.

Here is the info again in case you want to try it now that you know it works.,
I did the one on the left under I-Deal that has a gas pump and says Gas Option
and then I also have now done the Twilight Saga one on the left side for $500 Visa
gift card as well. Just follow her instructions to the letter and feel free to email or call me
with questions. It will take about 3 hours to sign up for any of them. Also if you do the I-Deal
offers you can only do 2 a year or $1000 worth a year. So I won't be able to do any more
with that particular company. On the right side though those are Netblue and Nuitech
2 totally seperate compays that do the same thing and they are unlimited on how many you
can do. I will be doing them next as soon as I get the chance.

My favorite thing is when I can make money from home easily, and save money from
home easily by couponing and shopping wisely.

Just real quick also, when we were in Pocatello for the weekend of my birthday we went shoe shopping for my kids. Kadence has begged for sketcher shoes for months now. (Thank you commercials) Anyway I had a $20 gift card left for Target that I had gotten for $1.95, I wanted to go to Target first to see if they had any "sketcher" look alikes by chance that I could use
my gift card for, instead of spending $36 on sketchers for my almost 4 year old. So once in Target in IF we found these way cute tennis shoes that look just like sketchers for $10 bucks! She was thrilled with them! And because I had $10 left on my card we got Kash new shoes too for $13 and I only had to spend $5 out of my pocket (after tax) for 2 pair of darling shoes for my kids!!! Please tell me how that can get ANY better?? well ok if they were FREE. lol Pretty dang close if you ask me. Ok I will stop blabbering about my gift cards now. Sorry.

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Jana said...

Ok will you please tell me more about this! I don't know where to start and I need some extra cash for school in a very bad way! I lost your number because I lost my phone in the river! Long story haha. Anyways, we need to chit chat:)