Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorites 4/28 (caught up)

This is the absolute BEST place to eat EVER!!!! It is located in Pocatello, ID and is a place Kade and I found when we went there for the Dodge Circuit Finals back in the Spring. I honestly don't get all that excited about food... but I can't not get excited about eating here. It is my FAVORITE all time place ever. They have 4 menu pages of food... and its all homeade and tastes wonderful. Even better, their prices are so reasonable and you get a ton of food. It was the perfect place for Kade and I to go for our Birthdays since we both LOVE it.

Also I am including some pictures that I took while waiting outside the restaurant..... there is always a wait and the place is always packed. That says something in itself. Good thing I don't live closer, my hips would not be happy with me. :)

Of course I also can't mention anything regarding my "favorites" without mentioning my kids, family, friends, church, and all those wonderful things in life that are just already known.
Kadence is now a ButterBurrs lover too because they have "Mickey Mouse pancakes, WOW!"
Kade was jumping up and down he was so excited. :)
The Birthday girl... only pic of myself on the entire trip. I guess that's what happens
when your behind the camera the whole time. :)
Matt + Kash = Best Buds Forever

3 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Brooke said...

Your favorite things are so fun! What a great idea :-) And I just noticed your sidebar....CONGRATS!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!

ksommer said...

cute pictures! looks like you had a fun trip to good old pocky!! we like it here! and congrats on the baby!!!

Nancy said...

I am loven this! I almost didn't notice the big announcement:) Looks like everyone else did though.