Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Woo Hoo!

OK, remember a couple LOONG posts back (your thinking they have all been way too long, I know it) well I told you that I was finally going to brave trying out one of those online offers. On June 17th I signed up for my first $500 Visa card offer. After some trial and error and a little bit of panic, all my offers finally approved today!!! Yay! So I am printing my Redemption Certificate and the W-9 that you have to send in as well, as I type this. I will send it off in the morning with delivery confirmation and then PATIENTLY wait for the Fed-Ex man to knock on my door. :) Then I will be $500 richer for about 5 minutes until I call one of the 200 doctors, hospitals, anesthesiologists, etc... take your pick and pay hopefully something totally off!! I will take a picture of it to show you that it has arrived in my hot little hands.

Here is what I have into it..

Approx. 6 hrs into it (1 of which is my own fault). Signing up took me 3 because I had to read every single word because I was so nervous about getting scammed. About 1 hr spent checking over and over, calling to cancel things, and mailing things back at the post office. Another 1 spent signing up for replacement offers because I was stupid and signed up for 2 that didn't count and had to stress about losing the whole thing all together.

I have $37.28 spent out of pocket, but one more thing to send back that will be around $5 I think. So I am estimating about $42 spent total. I will give you an exact dollar amount after I mail it and know for sure. This is the cost of shipping and handling to get things send to me and for the return postage of the things I decided not to keep. $9 of this was for the books I ended up keeping.

I received 3 Disney Books and 3 Dr. Seuss Books all are put away for upcoming bdays and Xmas. I got to try some new makeup, and sent some wrinkle cream to my mom because I didn't want to try it out. I got to see my credit reports 3 times and made sure I don't have a stolen identity. lol

All in all it really hasn't been that bad. Now that I have done one, I am not going to be so nervous about doing another and have my eye on one already. There are rules and guidelines about how many you can do in a years time by certain companys and you can't re-do the same offers in a 6 month time frame etc.

I figure a $450 profit in 6 hrs time isn't all that bad, for me just sitting on my bed in my pjs after my kids were in bed making money. I definitely will do it again.

Here is what I have received so far this month:

$70 for Lowes
$45 for Target
$25 for Starbucks

Soon to be.... $500 cash on a Visa card WOOO HOOO!!!! (may take 6 to 8 weeks)

Here is the sight where I read up on all the info., read everyone's comments about 500 times, and emailed this poor woman twice in a panic. The information is thorough and all there and she is very nice if you need help. Its called http://moneysavingmethods.blogspot.com. Then click on online offers. The offer I did was on the left side under I-deal and its the one with a gas pump that says Gas Option, Get a FREE $500 VISA gift card. Her site is very informative I look at it every day.
For the info on the Lowes, Target, and Starbucks cards I got that off of www.freesamplefreak.com. You can still do these offers, they were super easy. Here is the offer for $20 of the dollars from Target, https://www.greatfunsite.com/global/scripts/promo.asp?ref=GF23800FLOL0004&cm_mmc=email-_-email-_-20090331livewella-_-lwfeatures&cm_em= you sign up and try out their service for 30 days. They are actually a really cool company and have a lot to offer. You can continue the service they will just charge your card or call to cancel before your trial period is up. On he Lowes and this offer you will get an email from them (mine came the next day) that you fill out and re-submit for the gift cards. I did those two offers the same day and my Lowes ones came 2 weeks ago and my $20 Target ones came today. Here is the Lowes one, it is actually only $20 now (It was $50) but still a great deal https://www.completehome.com/secure/Promo.aspx#form, and its the same deal. Its a service to try out for 30 days and cancel if you don't want/need it and the cards are yours to keep. Just make sure and check your email to submit the form for the cards and cancel before the 30 days if you don't want to keep getting billed for the service.

Good luck, and feel free to contact me if you have questions. Read the directions on Money Saving Methods EXTREMELY well and you will be fine!! :)

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