Monday, July 13, 2009

A little of everything again

These are all pics from the Woodruff fireworks.

Our 4th of July celebration was 3 long days of fun with family and friends. Started out Friday the 3rd and went through Sunday the 5th. We had out whole entire family together the whole time and it was so enjoyable. Friday and Saturday we spent our time in Woodruff at the festivities up there, watching the rodeos both days, the parade and fireworks. Kadence enjoyed the rabbit and chicken chase, but was crushed that she failed to catch one. Mom was happy about that deep inside - where no one could see.
Saturday evening Kash took a spill out of our swing face first onto our pine porch. It was nasty and it took forever to get his gums and lips to stop bleeding. It has been amazing to me how quickly the mouth heals, he was VERY miserable for a few days but is back to his normal, sweet, self already. The best news is his gums are no longer black, and we are crossing our fingers that his teeth will not turn black afterall. Saturday evening we went in to Evanston and sat with the Martin family as is tradition, and watched the fireworks. This year, the show was put on by a fireworks company and they were so AWESOME. The best I have seen in a long long time. Kash sat in the car and watched a movie, he wasn't too interested. Kadence had a ball playing with her cousins. Sunday after church we went and had family dinner at my parents house to celebrate Matt's birthday. The food was sooo good. We sat out on the front lawn on blankets because the weather was so wonderful. It was great to be together, and so nice to have us all grown and enjoying each others company.

This is a way overdue thank you. These beautiful flowers were sent to me by my dear, sweet friend Kristie. Let me tell you something about this wonderful woman.... she listens when the spirit speaks to her. There have been multiple times that I have been in a slump, or in need of a helpful friend, and I have received a friendly phone call, or ran into her somewhere. In this case a flower delivery guy came right to my front door out in the middle of no-where, to which I told him he had the wrong house as he was walking up. As I opened the card and read " I hope these will bring some cheer to your day" and Kadence said, "Someone looooves you!" I really couldn't help but smile and know that someone truly did. Not only did Kristie, but also my Savior who works through us and uses us as tools if we will serve others and follow promptings that we have to do so.

Also, this wonderful friend brought me a "pampering" bag right before I had my tonsils out. It was complete with a loofa, heavenly smelling body wash, a fabulous book to read, and soft & fuzzy socks to wear... which I did nearly every day. Now don't get me wrong I LOVED her gifts she has given me, but more importantly her thoughtfulness and compassion is what has touched me over and over again, and I hope I can be more like her. I am so grateful to have good friends and family that bring light into my life and are wonderful examples of how I should be living as well.


Have you tried this????? If you haven't, repent for your sins and go buy some right away! You can thank me later!!!! I may or may not have gone through 3 jars ALL BY MYSELF in about a week and a half. There is a $1 off coupon in one of the smart source newspaper inserts from April. Thankfully all 3 of mine are now used and I can't bring myself to buy anything these days full price. I know my butt will thank me later.

5 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Bo and Mandy said...

Cute cute pictures. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend. That stinks about Kache's lip. I am sorry

Nancy said...

Only you would blog about an empty jar of salsa. thanks for the laugh

Nick, Kristen, Kaysen and Breklyn said...

You are so cute! I am sorry you I should have been more of a friend to you through your hard times! I love you so much and am so greatful for your wonderful friendship. If you need anything or just to chat give me a call (we have each others numbers now)! ;-) I can't wait until the 29th. I am so looking forward to getting together.

Kariberry said...

WOW i will read it all later but i just wanted to say... I Love your header and new pictures, I haven't been here in such a looong while it seems. You have busy girlfriend!
I still love you! :)

Mandy said...

It's fun to see your kids, and your brother-lol having so much fun. I love getting to see them, and i'm glad I got to see you over the 4th. It's so sweet that you talked about your friend and how much she has done for you.