Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where did my baby go?

In the NICU 12 hrs. old.

In the NICU a few days before we got to go home.
1 Year Birthday
1 Year Old

I LOVE these pics of Kash and his Dad.

This is Kash's face when we were singing to him.

Yes my son got ANOTHER iron from Grammy.
Hey... he will be so prepared for his mission. lol

BUT he also got cars and he LOVES cars and trucks right now.

Does that make up for the iron?

You can see how excited he was about the clothes... on the floor behind him.

Its hard work opening presents.

My cute baby brother who turned 17 a few weeks ago.
We LOVE him.

Grandpa and Kashie Boy

Look Whos Two!

Kash's birthday was Saturday the 1st. Since I had my High School reunion that evening and Kade was doing other stuff as well, we celebrated his birthday Sunday after church. It was so enjoyable, and he just loved having everyone around. Kade made a fabulous dinner, the night really couldn't have been any better.... except of course if the rest of the family could have been there. Josh never got a cake on his bday, so when I was at the store we picked a little one up for him so we could sing to him as well. Thanks to everyone for all the cute presents, they sure have kept him and Kadence busy. I just can't believe my little guy is 2, it just seems like it has went way too fast.

7 People Had Somethin' to Say:

ksommer said...

happy bday kash!

Lacee Herbert said...

Happy Birthday Kash! Time flies...it's so crazy! Does he like irons or something? What's the story behind that? It was great to see you at the class reunion! Thanks for all your hard work!

Sparkle said...

That 1st bday pic with the cake cracks me up. Looks like you guys had alot of fun celebrating.

Audrey said...

I hate that they grow up so fast! I didn't realize Kash started out in the NICU. What was wrong?

Bo and Mandy said...

So cute. Hope he had a great birthday. I agree, they grow up way too fast and mine is only 3 months old :)

Jena said...

Happy Birthday to Kash - can't believe he's 2! Take care!

Patty Sue Martin said...

Wow I didn't realize your little kiddos were getting so old!! They sure are cute.