Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where to even start?

Its so nice to be back in the computer world and a little more in touch with everyone and whats going on. You don't realize how much you depend on this darn thing until you don't have one anymore. I think my mom was so sick of me calling to have her look up recipes or phone numbers; she may have been more happy for me to get a new computer than I was. Especially- 90% of our bills are paid online that is a real pain not to have access to monitor/check bank accts and pay bills. So the last two weeks have been super busy, but I guess thats not really anything new for us or anyone else this time of year.

Womens Conference

This is a horrid picture... we were all so so tired but this is at the concert which was a blast.
This was leaving the conference center, headed home... by this time I was way sick of women and the feeling of Blackout Friday. lol

The highlight of my month was definately Elise coming to stay for a week. I have missed her so so much and it was so fun to see her face and lips moving when I talk to her instead of just having a phone conversation. My mom, Elise, and I were able to attend Womens Conference at BYU it was such a fun and enjoyable activity. I attended a parenting class that was worth the whole trip, time, and money that was spent those two days. Some other highlights of the trip were Megan joining us for the concert Thursday night and way fun entertainment all three sisters and mom together, Elise locking the keys in my moms car and walking around at 11 pm after the concert to catch a bus to get my car... what a dork, listening to Sister Beck and Elder Perry's wonderful talks along with the other classes we attended, and singing at the top of our lungs on the way home (Elise and I). Mom rode home in her quiet car which I am sure she enjoyed very much. lol

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

Saturday Kade was branding all day and we wanted to do some fun things while Elise was here... we planned on the zoo but the weather was seriously horrible. I have never driven in such a rain storm ever in my life. Thankfully it didn't crush Kadence's plans too bad for us to change our minds and we just adjusted to indoor activities. Kadence's cute little friend Cambria had a birthday party that morning so we headed to that first and even though we were an hour late due to weather conditions and construction she still had a great time and I got to visit with one of my funnest, sweetest, bestest friends Candie.

This was at Chili's waiting for lunch... that took F O R E V E R!

Then from the party we (Megan, Elise, Mom, Kash, Kadence and I) went and got some lunch at Chili's, then we went and visited "old Grandma Cox" as Kadence calls her. She is my dad's mom and my sweet grandma that I grew up 2 blocks away from my whole life and I miss her dearly. I try and see her every chance I can but that is not nearly enough. Then after visiting my Grandma it was still raining so we decided the zoo would not be a fun idea, or going to the tulip festival that I have wanted to do for years now... so we opted for the Dinosaur Museum. It was a blast... the kids (all of us) had a fun time and we spent a couple hours in there. I have about 60 pictures from the day of course, but for some reason after they were downloaded to my new computer I have no idea why I can't access them... so all I have are all these thumbnails to document our weekend together. :( Stupid Lightroom.

Garrett and Nora's Blessing

Kadence has a watering obsession. She waters rocks, dirt, and wood and then occassionally real plants. Its still precious and cute.

This is Nora one of the guests of honor: she is a sweet little content baby. For those of you wondering.... I didn't experience one second of being baby hungry. I still am content with my almost 2 year old I guess. :)

Then Sunday... the double blessing. My cousin Becky and brother Matt blessed their babies together, so that we could all attend one meeting and have a BIG family celebration rather than two seperate smaller ones. It was so fun. Our family/cousins get along so well that it is always a joyous time to be together and eat, eat, eat, of course and eat. We were able to visit, laugh, and take family pictures (as seen in the previous post) and feel the blessings and gratitude of such a wonderful family. Thanks to all that helped and sacrificed to make that day possible. It is always fun too to hold those precious innocent babies and everyone got a turn at that.

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