Sunday, March 22, 2009

Things are not always what they appear....

This one Kadence is saying "Smile Daddy with you's teeth!"

Not bad for a $6 Walmart dress, I happen to LOVE it.

This sweet little boy is LOVING the camera right now, everytime you point it at him he breaks out in a pose and huge smile and says "cheese". He is also liking his dad more and more everyday, which is good because he was quite the mama's boy.

These pictures were taken today on our way out the door to church.... seems like a happy family right? Well.... let me tell you 1:00 church does not make for happy kids, and we made it until about 1:45 in sacrament and finally packed up and headed out to the couch in the foyer. Usually they are whiny and crying, well today they were bouncing off the walls or the back of the bench in Kash's case. IT-WAS-Crazy!! Kade and I were being louder than the kids trying to keep them quiet with our "SHHH's and Sit down! and Don't color on the bench!", you know what I am talking about. At one point I was thinking to myself... why did we even bother today?!? We were sitting out on the couch, Kade is coming down with a terrible cold and isn't feeling all that great; we both looked at each other and said "Lets go home!". We were all for bailing, but there is this little 3 year old that LIVES for Primary and Pre-school, and she wasn't going to leave without kicking and screaming. We decided that the better part of our lives was right, and we needed to stick it out and stay. It wasn't that bad after we got through that first LONG hour, and it seems the meetings were exactly what we needed to hear today as they always are. Sunday school was about living in unity at home, making sacrifices for your spouse, keeping each other happy, it was wonderful. Relief Society talked about the same type of thing, it touched on things I needed to have put in perspective and motivate me to do better this week. I am thankful today for my little 3 year old that whines alot and sometimes I yell at too much, but she is wise and a good example to this family at such a young age. She reminds us to say our prayers and which words are ok to say and aren't ok, and she brings the spirit into our home-most days with her singing and constant talk of church lessons. Her request every single day right now is for pictures for her room to hang on her wall of: Joseph Smith, Jesus, Mary, President Monson, and the temple. All of them! They are on order and she will be thrilled to be getting them as she has asked, how can you say no to that request?
It turned out to be a pretty good Sunday, AND I got some cute pictures to remember it forever. :)

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Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

Cute pictures, I love your hair, did you just get it done, I am thinking about going all back to my natural. I relate with the church, Lately our kids are sick as you well know and Kalon and I have to stay home with one or two kids while the other attends the meetings and our callings. I was sick last week, and Kalon took the kids, then Faith was sick last night so Jay and I went. We sit in the very back, we call it the rowdy corner where all the wild kids sit. It is hard for kids especially your time, that is so hard, I cannot imagine. Kalon and I say alot, Why did we come, did we get anything out of it, but we do and the kids learn that where they are suppose to be and we always come home with the spirit. I almost bought that same green dress for faith I ended up getting the Blue one because she loves blue. I love the picutures you take, so cute. Thanks for the post and sorry for the novel.

Brooke said...

Thanks for this post Nicole. EVery other month Brad ends up working Sundays and let me tell you it really tests my faith :-) It's hard with Bridge some Sundays {we've made quite a few friends in the foyer} and I wonder why we are there...but I also KNOW why I need to be there. Some Sundays all I remmeber is being able to take the Sacrament....but in the end that's what I needed the most. I think your right it's important that we set the example for them...whether they are 3 years or 4 months old. So we'll keep spending time in the foyer if we need too becuase I can and have felt the Spirit there too :-) Thanks for starting my morning off right. p.S. I LOVE Kadence's dress!

Kariberry said...

These are precious pictures of you and your family! I know what you're saying! I've been there.
We can learn so much from our kids, IF we'll just listen.

I have something for you. Stop on over when you have time.
Love ya!!