Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a confession

I know I have been a major blogging slacker, and I will do better from now on. Everyone at sometime in their lives, especially busy mothers, has to figure out a way to juggle everything they want to do, then prioritize those things in order to get them done.
Over the last few weeks I have realized I have been doing a lot of things. I was feeling so productive because of all the projects, cleaning, blogging, researching, learning, schooling, etc. etc. etc. I have gotten done. You know all those things are great, alot of those things do need to be done... but I have realized there are other things and other people that also need my attention. I also know that you can do many, many, things on the computer these days, and I am on the computer a lot during the day. Whether it be paying bills online, researching lessons/talks, blogging, reading emails, working on medical transcription stuff, loading photos, editing photos, digital scrapbooking, creating invitations etc, facebooking, and on and on and on. All good things, all fun things, all things I enjoy (well not the bills part), but I found myself saying to my children more and more often the words "just a minute", "hold on a second", "in a while", "be patient", "after I finish this one thing", "you can get it yourself", "not right now" this is not how I want to raise my children. I realized I am missing out on the things they are doing in that minute or second or while or after that "one thing". I am done with that. There is definately not enough time in my day for everything I want to do, but I am going to make my minutes count. I don't want my kids to look back and have their main memory of me be that I was on the computer 90% of my life "being productive". I realize that as the weather gets warmer it is going to be easier to get out actually do things.

I am sharing this with you in hopes that you will look at the way you are spending your time and minutes during the day and re-evaluate yourself. Is there an area where you can do better or do something more productive? I know personally in my life there were many areas that I am going to just re-organize my activites but put more important people and things at the TOP of my day. I am by far not perfect. :)

My sister has this saying on her wall it pretty much sums it up:
Counting Time is not as Important as Making Time Count

4 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Holly said...

I have to agree with you 100% :) Great reminder. It's easy to forget what, no who is really important! Your pics below turned out great too!!!

Cay said...

You are a wise woman my dear daughter! You teach me all the time! I love you and am proud of you! Those pictures turned out sooo cute! :)

Dubb Days said...

Cute pics! Your post reminded me of one of my favorite quotes as a mom "On judgement day if the Lord should say 'did you clean your house today' I shall say 'I did not I played with my kids and I forgot'!"

Positively Creative! said...

You are great!! I know for me I had to prioritize like 5 years ago...! and now my computer time is when Bella is taking her one nap..hence the not so many!