Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More digital pages

These are just simple pages but I had tons of pictures to scrap so this way worked the best. They also are two page layouts but didn't load in the right order. Anyway at least you know I have not been totally worthless.
*** Answer to questions:
Kadence is doing a better, she only has a slight cough now and is back to her darling self. Kash started getting sick Thursday and Sunday night I almost took him to the ER because he was so dehydrated I was really worried about him. Thankfully his dear Dad can scare him a little when he gets mad and with a little encouragement Kade got him to start drinking and once he started in about five minutes he was a whole new boy and the 102.6 fever he had had for 4 hours WITH Tylenol and Motrin in him finally started to come down. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and we got the wonderful steroids for him and he is sooo much better today. He woke up this morning cheerful and hungry and has color in him and has played and thrown fits just like his old self. Thanks for checking on us. :)
As for the digital scrapbooking: I still just use my good old Photoshop Elements 4 for all my photo editing and digital creations. I know I need to upgrade and probably would LOVE the upgrade but I am too tight. LOL. I have looked at PSE 7 on Ebay and Amazon and you can get it for like $70, not even bad. I guess I need to just do it. I think I am more worried about learning a new program. But my PSE 4 works fine for everything I do right now. I have been making wedding invitations and it works great! I made my in-laws photobook and Kade's two photobooks just fine with it. I do all my digital pages with it, and I have done all my blog stuff with it (banner, widgets, etc)
I am still a die hard paper scrapbooker I love to cut and have the paper in my hand and stamp etc., BUT sometimes you can't have all the mess out or sit and have little hands out of your way or your away somewhere and you can just take the digital stuff with you on your laptop. For you newbies you just need a digital program of some sort. Then you just create the pages in the program just like when you scrapbook in real life. Everything is in layers just like paper scrapbooking and you add embellishments ribbon etc just like normal. I get them printed in different places depending on prices and convenience. I have used Wal-Mart and Costco and they have been fine. Most of the time though I submit them online somewhere, Shutterly, Winkflash, Snapfish, or my most regularly used one is http://www.scrappingsimply.com/. They do a great job. Then they just come to you in the mail. I think they are only $1.99 to print 12X12's which is what I use and their quality is just as good as the others. I wouldn't say digital is faster because it isn't for me, but it is easier to store the product and your creations. It takes up a lot of memory though. I have tons of websites that I just buy kits from or download their freebies. All the pages I posted today were freebies kits from Shabby Princess back in like 2005 and 2006 and didn't cost me a dime. You also can purchase templates and then all you have to do is drop the pictures in them. I personally haven't used them yet but I sure plan to sometime. Anyway its hard to explain how to make the actual pages because there is a lot to learn before you can start just creating stuff and how it works etc. But I taught myself and so can you. I also would be happy to answer any questions that you had along the way. If anyone else has any suggestions or good resources feel free to post them for everyone to see and get the info.
And Brynn..... I guess you will just have to come up and visit me, and I will give you an all day class on it. :)

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Nick, Kristen, Kaysen and Breklyn said...

Oh Nicole when are you totally worthless girl? You are always so so busy and doing such fun stuff. I am sorry you and your kids are sick. I hope you all start to feel better soon. If you need anything (chicken noodle soup) or anything let me know and I will ship some to you :-). Get better soon.

Ally said...

Those look great!

Brynn said...

I will definitely stop by the next time we go to Woodruff. I can't wait!