Friday, February 6, 2009

For Sale

Kade and I are working on finishing our basement, and we have been clearing stuff out. I am one of those that keeps everything because I just know I will need it down the road. We have seriously 8 big plastic tubs full of bedding, blankets, etc that I have stored "in case" I need them again. Its time to get rid of it.

***Yay this is all I have left! Thanks!

For Sale:

Red Gingham Baby Bedding set: Huge set
Excellent condition, no stains or wear!
2 Valances (as shown in the picture)
Lamp shade
Diaper hamper
Changing table pad cover
Little throw quilt too (as shown over chair with afghan on it)
Great for boy or girl, looks way cute mixed with denim too. $75 or best offer.

Thanks for looking.

More to come... stay tuned.

If interested in any of this please email me at or leave a comment. Thanks!

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Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

Hi nicole, I just started digital Scrapbooking and I love it love it. It is so easy and no mess. Mine is a program and I have almost scrapbooked all of last year and just a week. Where do you get your layouts?? So cute.