Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Xmas Decor FINALLY

By the way: I really do put pj's on Kadence.. but she never makes it to bed with them on. She would rather run around just like this.

I have been kind of a scrooge this year, Christmas has just snuck up on me so fast I haven't had time to do anything or really get into the mood. I am usually chomping at the bit to get the tree up right after Thanksgiving and have been known to even start before.. I guess with not feeling great that weekend it just totally sent me on a different type of schedule. Kade finally brought one of our trees up last weekend and just set it all up. Our main tree is 19 ft. and it is so beautiful and I love it when it is up.. but it is a big job to get it decorated and all set up and the balcony all pretty too. I finally took the time last night late to finish up the decorations on it, it turned out gorgeous and I am really happy with it. Kadence is old enough this year to really get into Christmas and that has made it so fun. She just though decorating the house was the coolest thing ever. Kash just follows us around and that makes him happy.

The highlight so far for me has been setting up my Willow Tree Nativity.. it is just so pretty and I am just in love with it. Kadence had so much fun looking at all the pieces and asking me what they were and who they were etc. She especially loved the animals and Baby Jesus and the "wise guys". It was a really fun moment for me to talk to her about the Christmas story and what Christmas really celebrates and it was also nice to have that spiritual moment amid all the chaos. I have moved it since these pictures, and it is now on a cream table cloth on its own square little table with a star hanging on the wall behind it and it looks just beautiful.. thanks again for the fabulous Birthday present this year Mom and Grandma!!

4 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Eleanor said...

Your Christmas tree just looks gorgeous!!

Holly said...

Your little Kadence must be just like my Brooklyn, does not like to wear anything at all! haha. Christmas is so much fun! I was wondering when you were going to post again. :)

Candie said...

Adorable pictures, as usual.Cambria won't keep jammies on either. She always wants me to buy new ones for her but I am learning it is such a waste of money!!!

Leslie said...

Your munchkins are too cute just like always I love the look on Kadence's face with the animals. You always take the best pictures.