Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meeting Santa...

2005 My mom's work party (4 months old)

2005 Polar Express with the family

2006 My mom's work party (1 year old)

2007 My mom's work party (2 years old)

Last Friday was our ward church party, since Kash had croup that meant I wasn't going to get to go see Santa. Good thing Kadence was able to go though for me, and boy was she excited. This year has been so fun since she actually LIKES Santa this year. Here are the past three years of Xmas for her... as you can see, not real thrilled. This year she has talked and talked about Santa so keeping her home with me was never even discussed. Kade and I knew she would be so disappointed if she didn't get to go see him. She climbed right on his lap and told him her name was "Kadence Ewin(Aarin) Mawtin" and that she wanted a new rope, 3 toys, and some horses for Kashy. Then she jumped down and said "a new baby sister too" which is what she has been saying for about 4 months now.. that she has a new baby sister when is she going to get her? I just tell her not anytime soon... this is NOT an announcement. She is quite the character. We sure love her.

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Dena Moon Clinger said...

So cute! I can't believe she's so big! Isn't it so fun when they start really getting into the Christmas stuff?
I'm worried that this might be the last year we can convince Spencer that Santa is real, he is 8 and most of his friends are already spreading rumors that its a hoax. How sad!