Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

How was yours? Ours was great, fun, and laid back... just the way we like it. Here are some of my favorite pics from yesterday. Sadly... today we are all sick. I thought I was feeling great and tonight I am feeling crummy. I took Kade to the doctor today after two weeks of coughing and he has bronchitis and pnumonia.. we have a fun weekend ahead of us. lol

Have a safe weekend!

4 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Holly said...

Darn, hope you guys get feeling better! At least you all felt good so you could eat the day before! :)

Ti'ana said...

haha your kids are so darn cute, im glad you had a good thanksgiving, im sorry you are sick though, not fun.

Jena said...

Fun pics - glad you had fun! David and I are sick, too, and he's had his for a few weeks now, maybe I should get him in ;-P Hope you all get feeling better real soon!

And yes, I was excited to see Brailee in the new book - Laurel told me last week so I was anxiously waiting to see for myself! I still don't have any books (they've been rescheduled for today) but I took a peek online. Brailee was also featured on a page at Convention - Stacy sent me a pic this summer. She also said there was another one but she didn't get a pic. It's fun to see!

Anyway, take care!

Kariberry said...

Cute pics! You and your sister look so much alike... cute!
It was nice playing catchup! You're a sweet heart! :)