Thursday, November 20, 2008

Enrichment Night

Here is the diagram for this darling box made by Bobbi Nelson. You do strips of scrapbook paper like this..then you use the acetate paper and score it in the cube shape to place in this paper. She also made the darling jar and the reindeer spoon bags!

Connie Mace made all these.. she is so crafty too. I love love the towel folded as a fan and then she folded a hot pad for the wings. That was my favorite but I LOVED all her cute ideas too.

Keeping Christ in Our Homes Through the Holidays "Movie"

Food Storage/ Self Reliant "Movie"

Last night went so well, and we had an absolute blast. Thanks to everyone that came, we had an excellent turnout and hopefully everyone that participated went home with the spirit in their heart and new ideas and goals about things. Here are the pictures with diagrams and close ups of the projects for you ward ladies that needed them. (you can double click on the pictures to see them closer up) I will have copies of the poems at church on Sunday. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the classes and for your cute ideas.

2 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Jena said...

Wow, looks great - wish I lived closer or that ours did fun stuff like that ;-P

Sorry I've been horrible about replying - your e-mail got burried in my crazy inbox! I hope you're all doing well - take care!

Positively Creative! said...

Can I just Say YOU ARE AWESOME!! I loved it all and you were great at putting it all together..the details looked amazing..Great Job Girl!! And congrats to you in the relief society, those ladies are sure lucky to have you in there, you will be AMAZING!!