Monday, November 3, 2008

Craft Fair Stuff Part1

Everything shown here is what you get each club night:
(Double click pictures to see them bigger)

January: Evensong Paperpack for Xmas
February: Aspen Paperpack

March: Magic Moments

Ok now that Halloween is over back to real life!! On November 15th, at the Senior Center in Randolph will be the 1st Annual Craft Fair. I will be there with a BUNCH of stuff for sale, to sign up for, and clearance, clearance, clearance. Also as I have talked to many of you already, clubs are starting up again finally. Starting in January, I think there will be one at my house like the years before and one in Randolph. If we have enough interest we may do a Woodruff one also at the rec-center or in Woodruff somewhere. I will have sign up sheets at the craft fair and displays of the next two months of projects or if you can't make it email me with your info. or post here, or call me.

We will be doing it different this year... you will pay your $20-$23 but instead of having to purchase product you will be purchasing your supplies for the monthly projects. Your product each month will include, Level 2 paperpack ($12.95), Package of Stickease ($4.95), Instructions for layouts and cards $1, and then any extras such as embellishments, ribbon, buttons, etc. You will go home with three layouts and at least 3 cards and then you will still have product leftover to continue on your own at home with what you would like to use it for. If we have enough people we will still be able to do the rotating hostess that gets $25 in free product a month. You will be able to order any extra product you like out of the catalog of course and I will be teaching the classes for FREE. I am so excited to get this going.. and to teach you how to make your own layouts and how easy they are!! Also to send you home with the layouts and also the cards.. so you can start a collection of cards as well.

I will need the money for the January Workshop by the 5th of January. Then it will be towards the end of the month sometime, then you will pay for the February one at the January one and so on.. so you will pay for the next months projects a month in advance.

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Mommy Poulsen said...

What a lot of fun stuff you will be selling at the craft fair! Good luck! Love it all!!

Brandy Jo said...

So cute. I love the calendar too.

Tammi McQuay said...

You are very creative.