Thursday, October 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Sorry, still catching up from our trip last month, for those SYTYCD fans I thought you might like some of these pictures. It was an AWESOME show. I have videos of some of the dances too.. so fun to watch. We were third row from the stage so we were so close for some great pictures.. sadly I took my moms camera instead of my really good but bulky Nikon D60 and .. her batteries were low so there was such a delay in the pictures. Plus all the smoke and haze and confetti made it hard to get good pics anyway.. plus they were moving most of the time. It was really fun because Chelsea, Gev, and Mark were all UT kids so it was fun for them to be in their hometowns. Mark is from SLC, Chelsea from Orem, and Gev is from Centerville. Cute cute kids. Also so amazing to see all the guys and girls muscles up close...they are all ripped!! Amazing bodies and they are definately athletes. You can see in the pictures that Gev is dressed up in some of them.. he is a ham. They were doing presentations of some of the dances and what countries they were originated etc.. and then coming out with costumes on from those countries and he would come out dressed up in the womens clothing. Then in one of them he kept telling Courtney that he was in love with her.. it was just so entertaining. My cheeks seriously hurt the next day from smiling so big for 3 1/2 hours straight.

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Kisha! said...


You are a LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY Girl! Wow wow wow! This was mine and my son's favourite show all last season. We could NOT get enough of it - we were major Twitchington fans.... I loved Will - you just get to see ALL the most awesome stuff! (McDreamy!)


Rich and Lacee said...

Wow, how fun!!! Good for you!

Jana said...

Oh I am jealous! How fun! That's way awesome that you got to see that! I loved the pics! -Especially the black guy with the rock hard abs! lol whoa ;0 this is me whistling lol

Mommy Poulsen said...

I bet that was fun to see all of those dancers.

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