Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Have a 3 Year Old!

Singing Happy Birthday

Birthday girl and Grandpa

The favorite umberella

A random pic of her and I from tonight

Cambria and Kadence

Yesterday was Kadence's long awaited Princess Bday party, she was so excited Friday night she didn't go to sleep until almost 1 in the morning. It was such a fun couple of hours and I think the kids had a good time. I got her a Cinderella dress at Walmart and I must say she looked absolutely darling. That is going to be her Halloween costume too. She got so much cute stuff, I would say she hit the jackpot present wise. Today we just had my parents and Kade's parents over for cake and ice cream. I am the greatest mom... we did Walmart cupcakes for her party and I made a Betty Crocker box cake for today. She wanted a princess cake but $20 for a cake, I don't think so and I knew I wouldn't have time to come up with something. My parents and Grandma Chloe got her a leapster.. she has played it for about 2 hrs tonight. Its definitaly a hit. Her cousins got her an umberella and I think it is one of her favorite presents, she has wanted one forever. We got her a Kid Tough digital camera... she loves it but gets frusterated because the shutter button is hard for her to push. I think we will give it a couple days and then decide if we are going to keep it. Today she wore the darling ribbon/toulle (sp?) skirt and hair bow that Candie made her. It is absolutely darling!! I will take a close up picture of the wand she made too. So so cute. I wish I could post pictures of the little girls at the party all dressed up in their darling little costumes, it was just too cute.

5 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Audrey said...

What a cute girl! All good moms get Walmart cakes/cupcakes. I tell myself that it means I spent more time with my kids and less time helps me sleep. Even if I did spend the time on the internet:)

Kariberry said...

How precious! She is adorable! Those little girls really believe they are a princess. I love the pic of you and her. :)

Kari said...

Ohhh It is times like that, that I wish I had a little girl too! That looks like it was so much fun, and your daughter is a cutie too! Happy Birthday to Her!

Brittany said...

Love the princess picture! She is a doll!

bellameabhn said...

nooo way! i missed out on a princess party, cake, AND cupcakes?! the girls look so darling in their princess dresses! happy belated birthday kadence!