Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Real Beauty

I have seen this clip on two of my favorite blogs over the last few days; I think it is important to share with all of you as it had a huge impact on me. No wonder women everywhere have such a warped view of what they should look like. "Real" is the key word here! Nothing is "Real" it seems anymore, what we see in magazines and in photos and other places is just a computerized version of beautiful. Fake people. To quote Holly's post "Why do you think even though we all KNOW what true beauty is... we don't see it in ourselves and sometimes not even in others around us??"

Something to think about. We are all beautiful and it is important not to forget that!

7 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Bo and Mandy said...

That link is so true, really, no wonder why our image of beauty is distorted. Wow! Oh, and thanks for the advice about the clinique 3 step program. I'll have to try it.

Brittany said...

Nicole! Your blog is sooo cute! So are your kidlets! I am glad that you commented on my blog so that we can keep in touch :).

One of these days I will update my dang blog!


Ty & Erin said...

That is a great clip, huh? Too bad we don't see the truth very often!!

Ronda said...

What fun lake pictures!!! and what Beautiful kids! K, this clip is awesome! Makes me feel prettier just thinking about it. I wish I had my own make-up artist and camera crew walking around with me every second! :) Love your blog!

Cassidy said...

Hey Nicole, I just started my new blog and found yours! SO cute! I think you see my sister more than I do!

Til said...

That was very powerful. I appreciate the link. This is something I tell my girls all the time...never gear yourself image with anyone's else....we are all beautiful.

Jazz said...

Dang machines anyway!! This the second time I've typed this. I love your site and your kids are as photogenic as you are!! I can't believe how much Kashe looks like your little brother.
Kade's feet are pretty darn sick I must say but his face and personality make up for that right!! he he he
I didn't see any pics of you and Cally at the lake what the heck is up with that one?
I love ya tons, always have and always will.