Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kadence's first date

So due to Kadence's "TWO" year old behavior lately, I wanted to try and do something to encourage her good behavior. I have felt lately that all I do is tell her "No!" and get mad at her for stuff she shouldn't be doing. So, I made her a "Rewards Chart" is what we are calling it. It is just made up of rows with I think 7 spaces, and at the end of each row is a reward. We sat down together and I asked her what are some things you would like and then we drew them at the end of each row. When she fills up one row with stickers, then she gets the reward at the end. How she gets a reward sticker is by having good behavior. So if Kade or I see her share with Kash, or do something without being asked, or use good manners, or do something right away when asked etc., we just out of the blue say "Oh Kadence since you did _______ so well, you get a sticker on your rewards chart. Then we make a big deal over it and she puts a sticker on the row of the reward she would like to earn. Anyway the first row she filled up so far was for the reward of going to her first movie with just mom and dad, no "Baby Kashy", and she wanted to see "Kung Fu Panda". So Saturday she earned it and Monday morning I called to see when it was done playing, and it was on its last night. So we had to make it work to take her and it was fine. She thought she was pretty big and wanted a seat all to herself. Part of the reward was popcorn and a treat so she sat in her movie chair with each hand full. I was so sad I didn't take my camera, its not like I could have taken a picture, as we walked in during the previews but I feel like I missed a cute moment. So this is the only pic we have, us leaving on our date. It isn't that great of a pic of any of us...but it is there and the memory is there. Soo... on to more rewards! Yay!

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Mommy Poulsen said...

What a cute idea! Rewarding poistive behavior is always a good thing!

I am glad to be back blogging again too! I was just so busy during May and June!

Hope you have a nice 4th of July!

Kim said...

What a great idea!