Monday, May 19, 2008

Aren't they darling!

I have some layouts to share I just need to get them posted, in the mean time these are a couple of my favorite pics that I took of the kids on Saturday. Don't mind that Kadence looks like an orphan she had been playing outside all day long. Kash hasn't been feeling well again, but he still melts my heart.

4 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Sandra T. said...

Cuties for sure!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra Tejeda
CTMH sister

Jenn said...

Aww...your kiddos are super adorable!!! :D

CTMH Sister

Kariberry said...

Yes they are!! Adorable! :)

Jena said...

What cuties ;-)

I don't know what's up with my subscription - I get all the others I've signed up for, but not yours. I even tried signing up again, thinking that I must have missed it before, but it wouldn't let me because it said I already was.

Maybe I'll try a different e-mail address - I want to stay updated with your fun blog!