Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few favorite things for this holiday!

The Girl Creative  has your recipe for Reindeer Food, along with a free printable for the top of the bag! This is one of those things that my kids love!

Mod Mum is having a BOGO sale (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) it only lasts I think through tomorrow the 17th, but I could be wrong.  They are already marked down as well.  I LOVE LOVE my sling... in fact I have the exact one in this picture and I have used it tons.  Its nice when they are newborn but I use it now even on my hip for Oaklynn now at 10 months.  If you dont have one GET one, or this would make a great shower gift.  You just buy one and then in the comments section put the one you want for FREE. 

My next find is my FAVORITE thing right now!!!!

Sick of your babys socks falling off?

Stay Put Socks is a device that has been tested and proven to keep baby socks on. The device simply slips over your baby's socks and keeps them on all day. And the best thing about it is that you dont have to go out and buy any more baby socks. You can use the ones you already have to match your baby's outfits!

The device is a clear rubber ring that has a small blue dot for boys and a pink dot for girls. Now any socks can be non slip baby socks! Make sure to choose the appropriate color when you order Stay Put Socks!
They are only $3.99 a set and shipping is cheap.  They are well worth it.  Or you
can order a full set for $19.99 right now on SALE from $24.99. 
If you ever want to do an all size package of 6 and pick any 6 sizes you can.   So, if you wanted 2 size small, 2 size medium and 2 size large they will be happy to do that.   Just order the all size package online and send them an e mail immediately and Kate (the owner) will alter the order.

Kate has told me I could offer you FREE SHIPPING through Dec 31st.  Just enter the code
FREE SHIPPING when you checkout.
Exp. Dec 31st.

Stay Put Socks
Click here to go to their site
These have saved me with Oaklynn... she hates socks and shoes on but its just to cold to have her bare footed anymore.  Thankfully I found these and they have kept her socks on and her feet warm.  They will be my new give to everyone baby shower present! 

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