Friday, March 5, 2010

What have you missed???

Happy Birthday to my Mom!
I sure love and appreciate you!!

This is what I woke up to a few mornings ago:

1. A whole box of Baking Soda dumped all over the floor.
2. This worried little face that he was in BIG trouble.
3. White streak marks all over the kitchen floor where he had skated around in it.

Girls Night Out: In December before Oaklynn was born Kadence and I went on our first Girls Night Out. I was craving pasta at Pizza Hut, but Kadence really wanted to go to the restaurant with the horse on it. (Don Pedros) So that is where we went.... where she ordered PIZZA, the stinker. lol She had saved up her money to buy her friends Christmas presents. She had about $15 and we went to Dollar Days where she thought that was the coolest store ever and wanted everything she saw for each of her friends. Then we headed to the movies where we saw "Princess and the Frog", which she loved. We had stopped off at Walmart for a few minutes before the movie and she saw a Princess and the Frog purse and shirt... and I let her splurge and get it. She insisted on wearing it OVER her sweater to the movie. It was a blast. We met Elise and Mom there for the movie and splurged on treats and drinks. It was so enjoyable to spend time with my first baby girl. She needed the mommy time too. What a fun memory we will carry with us from that.

2 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Nancy said...

Dang, I would like to come skate around on the floor with Cash:)

Holly said...

Life is never boring with kids is it?! haha! GLad you are settling in to life with 3! Also happy that you loved Kelle's blog as much as me! It's a daily read for me now!