Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stock up on blankets Wow!!

Plush Microfiber Down Blanket in 6 Colors. Reg $129-$149
on Sale for $59.99 Any Size!
Twin V 720-3023
Full/Queen V 720-3024
King V720-3025

Ever Soft Blanket in 6 Colors (these are on backorder
until December FYI at least the Fulls are) Regular $29-$59 on Sale now for $19.99 any SIZE!
However I did find if you want the twin size in a different catalog it is $14.99
Twin 66X90 V 720-3077 $14.99
Full 80X90 J 720-3078 $19.99
Queen 90X90 J 720-3078 $19.99
King 108X90 J 720-3080 $19.99

Plush Blanket & Throw

100% polyester microplush. Self-binding on four sides. Washable.

All Sizes $19.99

Twin J720-3017

Full J 720-3018

Queen J 720-3019

King J 720-3020

Throw 50X70 J 720-2000 $9.99

Ok I thought I would just quickly share with you what I just ordered because I am really excited about the great deal I got on everything. We don't have a ton of blankets in my house... lots of bedspreads and quilts but not warm blankets. I went to toss out a JC Penney catalog last week and noticed on the back that they had some way nice blankets ANY SIZE for $19.99. So I set it aside thinking I would look at it more later. Well.... its an awesome deal. I also bought a down blanket too. Like I said we don't have many blankets in this house and I took advantage of this sale PLUS there is more.....
Here is what I did... I ordered 6 blankets. 1 Down King blanket, 1 King Plush blanket, 2 Ever Soft Blankets for my kids beds and 2 Queen Plush blankets just to have on hand and for the extra bedrooms. Then I did a search and found a 30% off your entire order coupon code only good through Thursday. (FULL30) This is only usable if you use your JC Penney card. I had intended on just ordering using this awesome sale and then I have some Free Shipping offers. Then i found this 30% off code and couldn't not use it. However you cannot use a coupon code AND a free shipping offer. So I had to figure out which would be the best way to go which of course was the 30% off. Here is how I ended up. All the $19.99 blankets with 30% off ended up being $13.99. My down blanket went from $59.99 to $41.99. With the 30% off promo AND the sale on the blankets I saved $307.00!!!! That is totally worth rejoicing over. My shipping was $19, but with the 30% off it was worth paying shipping. My total for 6 blankets, shipping and tax was $138.26. I don't feel bad about that one stinkin bit.
Now I am not advertising charging and using credit cards or anything like that... I just know that sometimes when you have a store card it is well, well worth using it, but please be sure to pay it off ASAP and not accumulate debt because of me. :) Also for JC Penney card members.. after I had placed my order I found an email in that I had gotten for me to sign up for their rewards program. Its free. I signed up and they gave me a $10 off rewards code. I called the customer service dept and they applied that $10 credit to my order. Rewards CAN be used with other coupon codes. SOOOO I ended up really only paying $128.26 for 6 blankets. WOOO HOOO!!! Well really only $124 after my ebates cash back.
If you don't have a JC Penney Card this is still a great, awesome sale. You can still order the blankets and get FREE shipping using the code TREND49. You have to spend $49 or more to get the FREE shipping though. Also if you google JC Penney coupon codes you will get a bunch of websites with codes. There are quite a few 15% off coupon codes out there and depending on your order usinga 15% off code might save you more than using the free shipping code. Just thought I would pass this on.
Also if you need/want electric blankets all of them are 50% off. You can just go to jcpenney.com and search for them. The source code for the catalog that the best prices came out of is J9222 it will ask you for that so it knows what prices to reflect.
LASTLY: I know I am getting a little long here. If you have an ebates.com account don't forget to use them to put through your JC Penney order and you will get an additional 3% cash back from them on your next pay out. I saved a little over $4 more dollars through ebates. If you don't have an ebates account SHAME ON YOU... go get signed up right away. Its free money guys. Its free to sign up. Its silly not to have one. Go to ebates.com, or here is a quick link to the sign up page https://www.ebates.com/editUserInfos.do?navigation_id=18574. You just enter your email address and a password and it asks for who referred you. You get $5 free just for signing up! If you would, please put my email address down for the referral I will get $5 too. sammi_nickel@yahoo.com . Then you just start shopping. There are 100's of stores that you get credit for going through ebates. You just click the store and ebates routes you to their website then they can track your spending and send you a check every 3 months for your cash back that you earned. It adds up fast. Since I signed up over two years ago my cash back total is $327.59. There's the proof.
Happy Shopping!! :)

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My Gosh, you get your internet back and I can't even keep up to your posts. I loved your photography. You have done some really nice work.