Friday, November 13, 2009

Leap Frog Alphabet Pal .49 cents!!! Hurry!!!

If you have a Target near you.... you need to jump on this! Here is what you need to do....
Toys R Us will be having a 2-Day Sale this Friday and Saturday (11/13 and 11/14.) One of their doorbusters is the Leap Frog Alphabet Pal for $10.49. This doorbuster is good Friday 3PM – 12AM, and Sat 7AM – 1PM). Get your hands on the Toys R Us Sales flyer and then take that flyer to Target for their price match policy – go during the SAME hours. Use the Target $10 coupon printable (Target Coupon Generator) and get the pal for $.49!

If you are worried about being able to use a Target coupon and a price match, check out Nicole’s Post Here. I would print this when you go shopping. You can also email Target and ask them their coupon policy to have your own personalized copy when you go shopping.
If you don't have a Toys R Us ad from your paper, I just went online and printed off the ad for the 2 Day Doorbuster Sale. It shows the Alphabet Pal on the front page for 50% off From $19.99 marked down to $10.49. That should work for showing the price for Target to match. Then with the $10 off Target coupon makes it .49 cents total. Cool huh!! Also in the Target Generator there are TONS of other great coupons that may interest you for Xmas.
Target has Up and Up Diaper Wipes, they are $1.50 a tub, and there is $1 OFF coupon in the generator you can print as well making the diaper wipes .50 Cents for a tub. I have not tried the Up and Up brand but I surely am willing to for .50 cents.
** You might have to ask for a Manager to ring you up and everything, but this IS their policy the will match competitors ads but not their coupons. And the $10 off coupon is a Target coupon. Also per the email you can take in they will accept a price match AND the coupon together.
Woo HOO!!

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Brooke said...

THanks Nicole. I think we'll head down to Target shortly!!! That is awesome :-)

Brooke said...

Hey Nicole-

Just wondering if you got this AWESOME deal to work. I was SOOOO excited and thinking what a great idea for little man. I printed everything off you suggested but they wouldn't accept it. Dang it! I tried my hardest to show them everything but in the end it didn't work. They said they don't price match on door busters. I told them they needed to be MUCH more clear then. Anyways, I'm hoping you got the screaming deal. I REALLY wanted it! Thanks for always posting the good deals though. You find some awesome ones!

Lori said...

I have always been a huggies brand mom but I have fell in love with the UP brand of pull ups/wipes. Thanks for sharing the info although I learned about the great deals too late!!! :(