Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Because Two People Fell In Love

This has been the first official "Real" Valentines Day in our house. We have never really celebrated it before, besides the traditional Kade taking me to dinner and exchanging cards. I love flowers but I hate spending so much money on them just for them to die a week later. I know I am a fun hater. We just have never really gotten into this holiday.

This year however, we have really enjoyed this week with our kids, concentrating on the Love of our family and how much we enjoy each others company. Kade called me last night and had gotten reservations to a restaurant here in town and asked me to help him find a babysitter so we could go out. I could never find one though, and he cancelled the reservation. Then later on as I was about to give up and make plans for us to stay home, I thought of another darling girl in our ward to call and she was glad to come help. So we headed out to dinner and fun. We had a great time, it was too late for a movie so we did our traditional dinner and Wal-Mart. We do that almost everytime we go out. I thought it was such an enjoyable "Valentines Day!" However it just got better... Kade really pulled out all the stops this year (all by himself). He surprised us all with Valentines treats, as you can see everyone is happy this morning at our house, and Kadence thinks Valentines Day is the best day ever.

We really are blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives, and I am so grateful to have such a kind and considerate husband. Love ya babe!

Kadence's stash consisted of a "For a special girl" kitty card, a nightgown (this girl got her first nightgown at xmas and only wears realy pj's when her nightgown is dirty, nightgowns are her newfound love), a really cool pack of stickers, and her darling "Love ya" doggy.

Kash's stash.. he was just excited about the card. lol

Yes this is Kash getting in my lazy susan his favorite place ever.. and that is a mixer on the floor.

A Valentine from my beautiful sister that I miss dearly... Kadence and I were thrilled to get them. Love you Leese!

This is a Blackberry... this is mine, and yes I am thrilled!!!

The kids's little dogs really are the cutest ever.

3 roses for the 3 people Kade loves the most 2 of those people I gave to him and..... I will not bore you with the other details of my loot.

10 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Jeri Gurney said...

AAWWWWW! I flippin want a blackberry SO bad. You are one lucky girlie. And yes I am a fun hater...what can i say?

Brooke said...

Oh what a fun day at your house!! Happy Valentine's!!!

Brooke said...

p.s it made me smile that Wal-mart was part of your date. That is sooo us! And I get excited about it! It's all about the simple things!!

Nancy said...

Tell Kade way to go. I am impressed. Dang, pictures from the rest home would of been great. We were in Randolph last night. Glad you found a baby sitter.

Dubb Days said...

Nicole I am so glad you did find me. How fun to see your cute and funny family! (love all the quotes form your darling girl that looks a whole lot like you did!)
I didn't know you were so stinkin' crafty!! That is definitely not in my genes!
It will be fun to keep tabs on you and I am glad you had such a great Valentine's Day!

Meggie said...

I'm glad you had a good Valentine's day. Sorry, I wanted to come talk to you the other night, but we were in a hurry to get back to Avery. My parents were tending her, and we weren't sure how much longer she'd last.

Kariberry said...

So how do you like it? I want one, i'm still trying to talk my hubby into it. :)

Brittany said...

Sounds like it was a great V-Day! What sweet gifts from your hubby!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your Valentines day with us! I got my Kadence the same little puppy, which she named Toe-Toe!! To much wizard of oz I would say. lol There is a pic of her with him on my blog if you want to see.. Lisa

Heidi said...

Your kids are so cute. I agree with the flowers. I love getting them because let's face it, who doesn't like to get flowers from their hubbies? But, they are a waste of money. Oh well, I still love it. I'm glad you made it a family thing. I think that's a great idea.