Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cabela's family trip

Saturday we decided to take a trip down to Cabelas and take the kids to see the animals, more importantly the fish tank because that is Kadence's FAVORITE part. Since we aren't avid hunters or fisherman, this is a free trip for us we can walk through that store and not spend a dime. Our original plan was to take some hats of Kade's to the hat re-builder, go to Cabelas, eat dinner, and probably get a hotel stay the night and let the kids swim. Sunday Kade's sister blessed her baby so we were thinking we would just stay the night and go to the blessing from there. A full in-expensive family day. Saturday morning though Kadence woke up and she was coughing a little bit, sounded like a cold is all so we decided to go anyway. She was such a good girl all day and had a blast, she slept a lot in the car which isn't really normal for her and by the end of the day I could tell she wasn't feeling all the great. We decided not to stay the night and we just came home after we ate at Chuck a Rama (which by the way was fabulous and I am not a buffet fan). Either way though, it was a fun day to spend together, not spend a lot of money, enjoy each others company and Kash and Kadence got to experience something different than every day life. Even if it was stuffed horses. (It was a little disturbing)

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