Monday, December 29, 2008

Wedding pics

The wedding turned out great... the ceremony was the most beautiful one I have ever been to. The sealer was a man that is really good friends with my mom and family so it was a really neat experience, and we definately knew that the Lord had a hand in having him assigned to Elise's sealing. There are a million pictures but these are the few that I had on my camera. She looked absolutely beautiful!

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Nick, Kristen, Kaysen and Breklyn said...

Can you believe your little sister is married? Crazy huh. She looks beautiful and I am so glad she is happy. What cute pictures and what a wonderful day. I am sorry that she is leaving though. I am sure you will miss her tons.

Paper doll said...

Beautiful bride, I dont think I have ever seen family look so much alike. Im sure there is never any doubt about that and you all look exactly like your father. Iam so sure that is him with your sister.

Anonymous said...

You do such a good job at taking pictures. I loved the wedding pictures. you will have send me the ones you took of todd and I. The wedding was great, i couldn't agree more.