Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For those of you that are wondering how the craft fair turned out... I am so proud of this little community, that place was packed with vendors and the customers were a steady stream all day long. I sold most all my stuff and I have a list of orders for my Countdown to XMas books. Tomorrow is the last day I am taking orders because I have to have them done and to the customer by Dec. 1st so they can start the countdown. So if you want one, speak now or forever hold your peace. They are $30 and they really are darling if I do say so myself. I will mail them out I have a couple going to Canada and one to Arizona and one to California.. so that is no problem.

Thanks to all of you that supported me by coming or even by following up with me and how I did. It was great fun and I hope that they do it again next year. Now... on to bigger things.

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Jana Amundson said...


I'm so glad your craft fair was a big success. All of your projects were amazing. It sounds like the Christmas Countdown went over well, too. Your Enrichment activity was so neat. You sound like one of those people that has creativity coming out your ears!!!

Have a wonder Thanksgiving!
Jana Amundson