Friday, October 3, 2008

Where did September go?

Well I need to catch up on what we were doing in September. Sorry to bore you with every single detail, but for journaling and scrapbooking purposes I want to make sure I get it all in while I can.

September started off with Kadence's birthday and parties. I can't believe she is three years old now! I already did a post about that. The next week after that and the week before Kade and I were scheduled to go to Vegas Kash got VERY VERY sick. We spent the night in the hospital and everything. Tests came back later and showed that he had gotten the Rotavirus and if you don't know what it is.. educate yourself! 90% of kids will have it before they are 5 and a small % will have it bad enough to be hospitalized from dehydration like Kash but it is a miserable sickness.
Kash woke up Saturday morning and threw up when I lifted him out of his crib and that is what started it all. No fever.. the poor guy just couldn't keep anything down. I wasn't too worried though because he ate and drank like he was totally fine. Just laid around a little and wasn't himself. Then the diapers got dry.. even though he was eating and drinking he started not even keeping it down long enough for some of it to absorb so I was worried. I took him in to meet our pediatrician at her office at 10 pm that night and she gave him an anti-nausea shot and he was able to hold down pedialite after that and slept fairly well that night. Sunday around 4 am I checked on him and he had a scorching 102.8 fever, about an hour later his bed and sheets were wet because he had gotten diahrea and it had ran right out his diaper. This was pretty much how our whole Sunday went. He laid and moaned all day long and it was awful. He didn't cry at all. He was still throwing up sometimes so between the two methods of exiting.. he was getting dehydrated and there was nothing I could do about it. In the morning I took him back to the Dr and she decide to admit us to the hospital. The test they took at the hospital showed that he was at medium to high dehydration so that was the right call for her to make. He was a basket case and did not like being away from home. He hated the IV and cried and cried even though you wouldn't know it because he didn't have any tears. The nurses were good though and made us as comfortable as we could be. It was a LONG 36 hours!! Kade kept Kadence with him at work and then that night. He offered to stay at the hospital but there really wasn't anything for him to do as well and Kadence needed to keep her routine fairly normal. The next day Kash was doing much better, still very sick but at least he was managable and they discharged us around noon. It took about 3 or 4 more days and by Friday he would at least sit up and wanted to eat real food no more B.R.A.T. diet. By the weekend he was up and walking and I was comforted with the thought of leaving for Vegas. There was no way I was going to leave my sick baby, so it was a little questionable at the end if I would be going.

Friday the 19th, Aaron and Nancy (Kade's parents) received their mission call. They had planned the week before for us all to get together that day, the 19th, to open it and get family pictures. They knew the call was on its way but expected to get it a few days earlier.. however it came the day of the family get together so it worked out perfect. All 8 children were there with their families and we were able to get an updated Martin Family photo with almost everyone in it. There were a lot of new additions since the last one in 2003. Our individual family pics were Ok.. Kash was crying in most of them because he still wasn't feeling absolutely fabulous, and me well... I just squint my eyes when I smile so I always look ridiculous in pictures. There is one that might be liveable enough to just keep to have but other than that.. the rest will never see daylight. After we got pictures, we went to the house and ate dinner and they opened the long awaited envelope. They are leaving for Ft. Worth, TX on November 17th. They are excited and we are all a little relieved I think that they are staying in the states. What an opportunity they have to be able to do that.
That next week Kade and I were gone for 3 days to Las Vegas and my mom stayed at my house with my kids. I think they had a great time, but I know my mom was worn out. Thankfully, Elise came up and helped and relieved her a little bit here and there. She says she knows why you have children when you are young.
Throughout the month we started framing our basement, we hope to have at least my scrapbook studio and our guest bedroom fully finished by the end of the year. Next weekend Kade and our friend Todd will be framing the two storage rooms and the other bedroom, then the whole basement will be totally framed. It is exciting and will be so nice for me to have a craft room. I am so grateful that Kade is talented and can do so many things well. I am thankful that he can do almost anything we need done around here, and we never have to call anyone in to do our projects. It not only saves us money but it is also done exactly how we want it.

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Meggie said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an eventful September. That's too bad that Kash was sick. That sounds aweful! That will be so fun to have a craft room in your basement. I would love that! Sounds like you had a blast in Vegas too. I wanted to go to the So You Think You Can Dance show so bad, but I couldn't with the baby. Oh well! I bet it was so fun!

Jena said...

I hear ya - where did September go? And I didn't even have a month like yours. Sorry Kash was so sick - it's hard when they're so young. So it sounds like you're still in WY - you didn't end up moving after all? Hope you're all doing well now - take care!

Bo and Mandy said...

That totally sucks that Kash was sick. I am sorry. It looks like you had fun in Vegas. Cool deal

Brooke said...

Wow! You've had quite the month. I'm so glad Kash is doing better. You have the cutest kids ever!! And yeah that you guys still got to go Vegas :-) I can't get Brad sold on Vegas...we went once for my B-day and I don't we'll ever be back. Ha ha. Oh well!!

p.s. I always love all the creative stuff you post. You are my inspiration!!!