Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was great, the weekend was awesome, we had such a great time hanging out together. Kade is such a WONDERFUL dad, I honestly couldn't ask for anything more from him where the kids are concerned. We all are so blesssed to have him in our lives. He loves his kids and is so sweet and cute with them. We went to church, then came home and went down to Kade's mom and dads for a BBQ. It was so fun to hang out with the family and let the kids play. It was a beautiful day, about 80 degrees we had a great time outside, enjoying the sunshine. THEN... Kadence was playing on some rocks in the front yard, with no shoes on and I asked her to please get down. Of course, being the little mini-ME that she is; she did not get down. So, I went down the steps of the deck with Kash in one arm facing outwards, and you know I was a mom on a mission so I wasn't paying much attention to the little ledge at the bottom. I am not quite sure what happened all I know is I landed face first in all the landscaping bark and somehow kept Kash from hitting his head on the rocks or cement. It was quite embarassing doing a big old belly flop onto the ground in front of all my in-laws. You know things like that are so slow motion, I remember looking over to check Kash he was screaming of course but not harmed and then I hear this thundering noise as Kade comes barreling across the porch and down the steps screaming after me in panic. It was all quite hysteria for a moment. I get up and hand Kash to Kade and look over and of course little Ms. Kadence is still high up on the rocks. :) So I get her down and go sit back down acting like I am not completely mortified or hurt and set my arm on my leg and notice it hurts and Kade are all skinned up. I look and on the back of both forearms and palm of my left hand are hundreds and hundreds of slivers and of course totally raw skin. Ouch!! So I spent a good hour with tweezers and water trying to get all the slivers I could out and cleaned up. Today I have a lot less, most of them will just have to fester out on their own. What a lovely afternoon.

After we left The Martin's, we headed down to see my dad, who spent most of his day with just my little brother Josh, who is 15. My mom has been in Illinois the last week, she stayed with my kids while Kade and I went away for our anniversary, and then left for IL when we got home that next day. So I have missed her terribly! She was supposed to come home Saturday, but Friday night got the terrible stomach flu so they had to move her plane ticket to Sunday. She was out there visiting my beautiful Grandma Chloe, so at least she was with her mommy when she was sick since she couldn't be home. She got home late last night and was so exhausted and still did not feel well at all. What a long weekend for her. Anyway, we wanted to do a big Father's Day dinner but both of my sisters had to work and my brother is still doing his internship in California. So we opted to celebrate maybe later this week going out to dinner or something. Kadence still wanted to go see her "pop" though so we went down there for a visit.

All in all.... it was a fun but exhausting weekend. My kids are totally worn out from all the running around and playing. Kash has missed afternoon naps the last three days, so he has a lot of catching up to do.

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Jena said...

Wow, what a weekend - hope you all recover and catch up ;-)