Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yesterday...warning this is kind of gross!

This was before all the "incidents" when she was all clean and cute. The little stinker. And Kash before we left...he is so ready to take off and crawl it isn't even funny. At least he can get around now and isnt' so frusterated.

We all got up about 6:30 am so we could spend the day with Kade. He had to take some work stuff to Salt Lake City to be repaired so we decided to take the opportunity to actually see him and spend time with him. So I got the kids all ready and we left the house and headed on our journey. On the way down, about 30 minutes into the trip Kadence threw up, only a little bit, we thought she was just fooling around with this toy she had and gagged herself. Then about 15 minutes later she threw up a little more. We really got after her that time to stop messing around and putting things in her mouth etc. She has the most sensitive gag refex. Then right before Park City....she really threw up!! All over!! So we pulled off the freeway and pulled her out of the car. Kade stripped all her clothes off and I did my best to clean up her carseat with diaper wipes unfortunately the smell....isn't so easy to clean up with them. Then she was cold, of course I didn't bring her a blanket or an extra change of clothes. So we stopped at the Walmart in Park City and I went in and bought her a blanket, clothes, a tupperware container for future spouts, pepto, a sprite, and binkies for Kash as they were forgotten and he wasn't happy. $50 later! We continued our journey to Salt Lake and went about our day, she was fine the whole day. No fever, no complaining of a tummy ache....then as we were headed into a steakhouse to have lunch as we hadn't eaten all day she asked for her throw up bucket and threw up again. After she was done...she wanted french fries. We decided not to go in and eat somewhere for fear of her doing that all over the restaurant we stopped at Carl's Jr. and got some fries and burgers. She ate a ton. We encouraged her to let her tummy settle but she was hungry and ate and ate. We figured it would not stay down but she was fine and has been fine. Weird. She never said her tummy hurt at all, I thought maybe she got car sick, that has never happened but who knows. I just am relieved it wasn't the flu, so far anyway. What an adventure.

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Rheanna's Personal Scrapper said...

awww the poor little thing!! My DD (shes 4) does get car sick and any car trip longer than 10 minutes means shes vomiting everywhere... I sympathize! I keep a bottle of odor eliminator in the car for the smell and shampoo lots... ;) Glad shes ok though!

Kariberry said...

Your kids are adorable! Your daughter is just beautiful!