Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Daddy is "supposed" to be babysitting....

We have been prepping our yard since last weekend for sod... so Kade hauled some top soil in from around the ranch and we have been framing off the lawn area and leveling out soil. Well Tuesday night Kade was supposed to be keeping an eye on Kadence....this is what happened and what she looked liked. Thankfully Kash was in his little exer saucer and stayed clean. I swear if there is mud or dirt within 10 miles of Kadence...she finds it and gets into it. When she is in the yellow was Monday night...the same thing happened. Then you just decide "oh well" it will wash off right..... I am trying to convice myself. lol

3 People Had Somethin' to Say:

bellameabhn said...

lol, i thought it was the sandbox! i didn't read this, just watched the slideshow.

Stephanie said...

Too cute! Kids should get dirty! It is more fun that way!!! haha Thanks for your comment on my blog, too. The pages were already made from previous workshops. A friend helped and we just added pix and embellishments. I wish I could get that much completed in 4 days from scratch!

Tracy said...

Oh that was good! My boys find all sorts of ways to get dirty too!
She is adorable even when dirty!