Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow, I have neglected my blog once again. It is amazing how a week can just fly by and you don't even realize it. I don't even really know what has happened to update you on. We are all doing great still, the kids have still managed to stay healthy so that is wonderful. I am almost done with my retreat project that has taken me forever...and has to be mailed out today so I really need to get it finished. It will be nice to have my table cleaned off again. Friday I took the kids down to Ogden to find them Easter clothes, I found a beautiful dress for Kadence, "Grammy" wanted to buy it for her. She has always wanted a crown and in that dress shop they had a tiny tiarra for only $6 so I bought it for her to wear in her hair. She is going to look darling. I couldn't find anything for Kash but finally resulted to good old Walmart for a little sweater outfit and khakis (sp?) Anyway I will post pictures of Easter morning so you can see them.
Elise met me and we went and got the kids's clothes at the mall and then went to her house and changed our clothes...then headed to Salt Lake for my cousins wedding. It was fun to see all my cousins even though I hardly got to talk to any of them other than "Hi how are you?" "Good" and then I would have to run off to get Kadence off the stage or stop her from opening the bride and grooms presents or get her hands out of the candy jars they had there along the table. It was a workout. I was sad I didn't get to talk to more of them and really visit. We didn't get home until almost 10:30 pm that part wasn't fun, but thankfully mom rode home with me and kept me company and helped with the kids.

Tonight I have a Primary Party (I am in the presidency), tomorrow is Book Club for Relief Society, and Thursday is my scrapbook Club night. Soo, I do have a busy week. Saturday will be the Martin family annual Easter egg hunt and lunch so that will be fun. And then the week will be over.

I also just wanted to say on here, Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandma Chloe, her birthday was Friday and I never even called her. What a poor excuse for a grandaughter I am!! She knows I love her though, and that I can just be a bit ditzy!

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