Friday, March 7, 2008

I need your takes 2 seconds.

I just found out today that a young man that is near and dear to my heart is getting married...I am so excited for him. He has had a long hard life full of disablilty, pain, teasing, and physical therapy, and the girl he is marrying is just a doll and treats him like there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. They are truly happy. Anyway they are both just ranching kids and the families I know don't have tons of money, they have made it to the final five finalists of a Utah news show and if you would take two seconds and vote for them...I would sooo appreciate it. It is for $40,000 for their wedding! I would love to see their dreams come true. Thanks so much. Their names are Tyler and Kandice, they are couple #1, they have a darling video you can watch if you want, or if not just vote and your done.

Here is the link...

Thanks again!

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Kariberry said...

Hey Nicole How ya doing? You've been Tagged. And we wanna know the facts about yoU. Wanna play? Check out my blog for details