Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our Easter was great. Saturday we went to the annual Martin Easter Egg was so fun. Kadence LOVES her cousins and had a ball playing with the girls. Now that she is getting old enough to keep up with the older ones she just tags along with them and thinks she is so big. Despite the snow outside, she had a blast finding the eggs and eating the candy.

Kash was a good boy despite the fact he doesn't feel all that great. He started getting fussy Friday night and by Sunday and Monday has been pretty miserable. I took him to the pediatrician finally yesterday and he has a yeast infection and some sort of virus in his throat that is causing some uncomfortable blisters. So instead of him being happy perfect baby 100% of the time he is only 97% of the time. How am I going to bare it. :) He is everyones dream baby. He has been a lot better yesterday and today.

Sunday, was a nice relaxing day...we went to church then went to mom's church. Josh talked and did a wonderful job! Then we met at mom's and had a wonderful dinner, she did an amazing job on it. Elise and Todd came, me and the kids, Josh, and dad came a little later after his meetings. We missed Megan terribly and of course Matt and Aubri too, but we are getting used to them not joining us for things like that anymore. The kids's Easter clothes looked darling on them...I wish I could have gotten more pics, but 9am church is a challenge for us and they weren't that happy to begin with.

This week is fairly busy, just getting the house ready for an appraisal on Thursday FINALLY to re-finance on a lower interest rate. I will be glad when all that is done. This weekend is my scrapbook retreat I have been looking so forward to, Friday and Saturday. Mom is coming with me and tending Kash for me so I can participate and enjoy myself without being mommy at the same time. I hope its fun for her to relax and spend time with him. Anyway....back to the grind stone. I have a layout done for Easter with the kids's pics. I will try and post when I get my computer back from Dell repair hopefully tomorrow. I miss all my pictures on my hard drive.

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Kariberry said...

OH how sweet!! looks like you had a Blessed Easter. Your kids are adorable. Mine are off all this week (spring break)so i've been busy doing & going places with them.
Thanks for your nice comment on the boys cards they made. They are so proud of them and loved the comments. =)

Sunflowergal74 said...

Nicole your precious little girls are darling! What fun pictures! :)

the raspberry lemonade cake I posted on the BB because i can't find it online. I will see about posting it on my blog for you too :)


Leslie said...

Nicole your munchkins are some of the cutest I know. Have fun this weekend!