Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a great weekend.

This weekend has been so nice. It started Friday night when Elise came and stayed the night. So fun to have her here to visit...even though she was a little occupated with her "friend". Then Saturday morning we got up and I took Kash to mom's....Kade kept Kadence, and I headed off to Utah to go shopping. All by myself!! No kids. I got down to the mall, Elise and I headed in and started marking things off my list of things to do. It was a successful fun day, I got a lot of things I needed and at great prices for Presidents Day. I ended up with 3 pair of pants (which I desperately needed and after literally trying 30 pair on), a couple shirts, an armoire, a high chair, some wallflowers from Bath and Body, some jewelry, and lastly and my cuttlebug!! Yay!! I finally got a cuttlebug. I almost didn't make the extra hour drive to the craft store but I did and I am so glad I did. I got it for 50% off, and they had all the cuttlebug stuff for 40% off so I bought some embossing folders and extra mats for 40% off. I also bought a couple of watercolor pencils to color my bella stamps. It was a long exhauting but fun day. I got home around 9 pm, got the kids in bed and went straight to bed myself.

Today has been a nice relaxing day, I got up and went to church, it was Kade's week to stay home with the kids. For those of you that don't know, we have pretty much been housebound for almost a month now...haven't taken our kids anywhere to keep them healthy. It has worked and been effective, we haven't even had runny noses. There is so much RSV, bronchitis, and pnumonia going around and now some terrible flu. We just can't chance it with them. Soo, I went to church it was a nice meeting and primary was great. I just love my primary kids and being in the presidency. Those women I work with are such an inspiration. Then I came home to a wonderfully cleaned up house and lunch that my dear husband surprised me with. It was so nice of him to put forth that extra effort. The kid's napped, Kade and I laid around together and laughed and caught up on life....its sad when the week goes by and we really don't even get to talk to each other, and now it is bed time. Where have the days gone lately? It is Monday already !! yuk. Soo, my house is clean, and tomorrow I get to start playing and creating with my new toys. Soo exciting.

The best and funnest highlight of my whole wonderful, artistic, so talented grandma...shares my passion for creating, when she saw some of my bella creations she had to know where to find them to get herself some. We got talking and I told her that I was needing to find a good marker set as all I have right now are half a dozen bright colored pencils. She immediately understood how dire it was for me to have some, and found me some really nice sets that she uses herself and loves. So she sent me the website today to pick out the colors that I want and ordered them for me. Her treat!! AND a 24 piece set of watercolor pencils. Now I absolutely have no excuse not to get busy and work on some projects. Yay!! (jumping up and down). So that is my weekend, nothing too fabulous.

The pics are of Kash today in his new high chair and Kadence in her "ballet dress" that I bought her for $8 yesterday...that she has danced around in all day. Such dolls. What a wonderful family I have. I am truly blessed.

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Kariberry said...

Nicole you're kids are adorable! I'm so glad you had a nice week-end and shopping trip. You bought a Cuttlebug.=} You'll love it.
I got to play yesterday and used mine.
Love your cards. Have a great day!

Candie said...

I can't believe how big Kash is getting! Kadence looks adorable, as usual!