Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look Who's Sitting

My BIG girl.  She was happy as a clam just laying on her back playing all the time,
but now she knows there is more to life.  She loves her new found freedom.  I definitely am
not pushing her to crawl anytime soon, I am sure that will come soon enough on its own. 

Now you all know why she has no hair.  Kadence brushes it out daily. :)

My baby is finally sitting!  8 Months has just gone WAY too fast!
She loves loves to eat.  She is feeding herself, and ate her first banana yesterday whole from her hands taking bites.  She is a cracker freak.  Any kind she can eat it down.  She is getting less and less interested in baby foods and more demanding for table foods.  She likes anyone still and smiles at everyone.  She LOVES her brother and her sister and her entire face lights up when she sees her Daddy.  When he comes near us she pushes herself away from me to go to him.  I don't mind though.  She is still my angel baby, and I know I am sooo lucky to have her.  She sleeps through the entire night still from about 8:30 pm to 8 or 9 a.m. then is content playing and cooing in her crib until someone comes and joins her in her crib or I go and get her.  When we do go get her, she does a maniac "frog kick" we call it.  She goes nuts and squeals.  This is my water baby.  Holy cow.  Lay her town in about 5 inches of water and your entire bathroom is soaked in minutes.  I bet you have never seen my bathroom cleaner.  If you need to borrow her let me know.  She lifts her legs straight in the air and slams them down as hard as she can and as fast as she can.  It send water EVERYWHERE.  We have laughed and laughed for hours over this and her personality.  Our family is truly blessed to have this little sweetheart. 

We Love You Oaklynn!

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all of them are so cute