Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pioneer Woman comes to Salt Lake City!!

All the chaos over this beautifully, wonderful, cookbook. I paid full retail price for this
book in the bookstore the night of the signing. I would do it again in a heartbeat,
the pictures and cute things in this book are worth every penny. The recipes are wonderful and
fattening. I would STRONGLY recommend getting on and getting this cookbook for yourself if not as a GREAT XMas gift for someone you love. This is a guaranteed hit for
a gift for anyone. So worth the 5 hrs of standing and waiting and having my miserable pregnant
body screaming at me the whole time. Fun times!

This is the picture that PW posted on her blog. Notice my sister and
I sitting on the floor in the bottom left corner.

She is as genuine and sweet as she seems on her blog. Trust me, I got to talk
to her... and Missy, and Ladd's mother (PW's mother-in-law). All so so sweet.

When The Pioneer Woman arrived with Missy and her mother-in-law the room exploded with applause and loud cheers. The room was packed to the max! Ree spoke to the group and answered questions from the audience. She talked for about 20 minutes. A few of the highlights: she did her Ethel Merman impression, talked about wearing "spanks," and of course told a few funny ranch stories. She also told all of her kids names and MM's name. Someone asked if they
were a secret she laughed and said No. MM's name is Ladd, then her girls are Alex and ? and her boys are Todd and Bryce.

This was the crowd outside the bookstore WITH tickets.

This was the crowd in the gallery waiting for PW to make her appearance.
See the back of my head and my cute sister in the bottom left corner, we were right
in front of the pulpit, her shoes were right next to mine while she talked.

3 hrs. into her signing

Missy and cute Nanna.
I was ticket E... and E was too long for me. Let alone Z or L or whatever
the last ticket was. Wow. They passed out a letter for every 20 people. So their
were 100 infront of us and seriously 1000 behind us. Then people started even showing
up without tickets and they waited until ALL the letters were done. I have no
idea if they even got in.
You can read from Pioneer Woman's post here:

3 People Had Somethin' to Say:

Nancy said...

So now I guess you are famous or something:)

Sous Chef Sina said...

I'm so jealous! I love her blog so much!!! Lucky Ducky!

Brooke said...

How fun! I LOVE her blog. Looks like a night to remember!! And you and your sis looked so cute-great seats!