Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 09

Don't judge me, these 3 pictures are the only ones I took of my kids the whole Halloween night. What the heck is wrong with me!?!?

We had a fun first in our little family this year. Kade and I have been married going on 8 years now, and we have never carved pumpkins together or with Kadence either. We both had done it when we were younger, but never had the desire to do it together. We were always too busy going to haunted houses and other things when we were childless. This year my mom gave us two pumpkins from one of the hunters at Deseret, and then we decided to buy 2 more so that we could all do them as a family. It made for a very enjoyable FHE, and the kids and even Kade and I had a great time. The kids drew all over theirs and that was their funnest part. For Kadences, Kade ended up cutting out some of her actual drawings and it turned out to be a really cute pumpkin. The kids are now very sad that the pumpkins are wilting and needing to go to the garbage.

Kadence's, mine, Kade's, and Kash's.
Wow its great to be able to catch up a little on life for the past couple weeks. We have had a great October.. busy but great. The kids have had an absolute blast this month. We have filled our time lately with, ranch work, butchering beef, Hogle Zoo (went back to see the babies), a visit to Great-Grandma, a visit to the witches at Gardner Village, visits with friends, doctors appts, photography sessions, church callings, lessons, talks in church, pink eye, family picnics, Halloween trunk or treat, cookies, Halloween parties, and Halloween itself. Geez no wonder I was so exhausted all the time!! I was not sad to have Halloween over and get all the decorations put away. I was way burned out this year by the time we finished up with everything.

I have really slacked this month on pictures though.. I have no idea what my problem was. I hardly took any of Halloween night, my sister and mom thank heavens took pics at the trunk or treat, zoo, and Gardner Village. I have vowed to be better for the next upcoming months.

Kash wanted nothing to do with a Halloween costume. He only wanted to wear his regular clothes so he became a "cowboy" pretty easily. He carried his gun, stick horse, and rope around for the first 4 or 5 houses but slowly started leaving his accessories in the car. Kadence wanted to be Sleeping Beauty this year and she was darling. They both got way too much candy and had a great time though and that is all that matters I think.

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