Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our house this week

So after a long weekend, lots of coughing, fevers, and throwing up flem.... this little dollie has RSV/Bronchitis. I got her into the doctor first thing Monday morning... they did the RSV test and it came back negative. However... it is a snot swab test and it is possible that they just didn't get infected snot. (I know this is a gross discussion). My wonderful pediatrician went ahead and gave me anti-biotics for Bronchitis in case that is what it is, we have to think about Kash and keeping him healthy. Lung/breathing issues would put him smack in the hospital with his pre-existing conditions . Then we have a liquid steroid that I am giving her for five days to clean out her lungs. The downside is.... Kadence does not do well on steroids. I personally don't know anyone that does, but she gets Mean MEan MEAN!!! So poor Kash has gotten smacked and pushed a lot in the past two days.

This too shall pass! (right?)

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you have had a rough one lately. I hope she gets better. Good luck!

Brandy Jo

Rich and Lacee said...

Oh, you poor thing!! I can definitely sympathize with you!!! With Carter Makai's long rap sheet, you'll find this on there about once every couple weeks. I hope she gets well soon! Usually within 3 days of starting the steroids, things *start* looking better, at least for us. Over the years, I have finally found a product that I love, love, love when it comes to keeping us healthy and keeping all of us from catching or spreading illness. Let me know if you want to know more about it. You'll definitely be in our thoughts and prayers!!

Jenn said...

You and your sweet little family are having quite a rough time lately! I'm so sorry, but yes, this too shall pass! Keep your head up!

Anelisa said...

Awww...I hate to see little kids going through stuff like this :(
I hated when Rory was on the steroids during chemo too. Hang in there and hopefully she will be better soon :)

Audrey said...

urgh, steriods are nightmares. Spike just got off and he was a nightmare. Hang in there.