Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few things done...

You can double click on the pictures to see them bigger. This layout is an idea I got from ReNae Andrews, she something similiar for a workshop she did last year. The picture in the top right was the first time Kade met my mom and dad...they were camping and we went up on Monte Cristo and met them. It was fun. The bottom two are of the night Kade and I got engaged, then on the way home we stopped and saw one of my best friends brand new babies. They had just gotten home from the hospital.
This layout is one I got at Sheri Rottlers swap a few years back, sadly I can't even give credit to the woman that did it because it has been so long I have forgotten, but its cute! ...I just was waiting for the perfect pics to put on it. This is Kadence and some of her cousins..the three little girls are all really close in age, only like 2 and 5 months apart.

The picture in the top left corner is the night that Kade asked my mom and dad if he could marry me, they made me go downstairs so I couldn't listen to what he said. Then I came upstairs and my dad said that he had told Kade I had to finish college first....I almost cried but then they started to laugh and it was just a joke.
The bottom left pick is at my sister Elise's prom, we were engaged...and I was sick. If you can't tell I look horrible. I don't know why I even kept that picture. The ones on the right page are Kade and I at different weddings. I just thought they were kind of cute and fun. Sadly I don't have a whole lot of pictures of us together.

These pictures are mostly from our engagement pictures, I have many more to scrap maybe I will get to that someday.

Since I couldn't go to church today because Kash still has croup and Kadence has runny nose, I decided I would still have an enjoyable day. I got caught up on some pics of Kade and I, just some simple easy layouts. Some of the pictures are dark and not that great, they were pre-digital camera days for me. They are still fun and memorable though. Hopefully I will get some more done in a while to post. I am trying to put a dent in all the pictures I already have developed, and hope to buy a photo printer this week sometime with our re-stimulating tax check. Then I can't wait to just develop the ones I need and not have to make an hour trip to just pick up pics or wait for them to be mailed.
All products are CTMH except the few primas I used and the pink and green rhinestones. Sorry I realized the "I" in Nicole disappeared somewhere between the table and taking the picture. lol

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