Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update on us...

Since I had a few minutes this morning I will update on what we have been doing. Saturday I got to go to my upline ReNae's open house it was way fun and we did some cute projects with all the new CTMH paper packs and each SOTM. Way way cute. I will post pics when I can find the battery charger to my camera. :( Tonight I am teaching a "How to make your own baby food" class at the community college outreach center, so I have been working on that. The kids have been sick since Sunday, I think just terrible colds. Poor Kash though when he lays down his nose runs back into his throat and he just gags and gags and never sleeps. He is miserable. Friday Kade is taking the day off and we are going to Provo. I am going to the big CTMH sale there, then we are hopefully getting family pics taken, and maybe going to Cabellas and if the kids are healthy and happy going to Cambria's birthday party. Saturday we are branding...so Kade will be gone all day. I can't remember what its like to have a weekend to do nothing!! I got released from the primary presidency on Sunday they are re-organizing it. I am so sad, I absolutely loved that calling and the ladies I served with. Anyway, that is a quick update, hope all is well with you.

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