Monday, March 3, 2008

Catching up...

Wow, I have really slacked off this last week on posting! I guess my excuse could be that things have been a little bit crazy though. Looking back on the last week, I had my club meeting Wednesday night and it was way way fun, I hope everyone there had as much fun as I did! Thursday early Kade left for NV with his brothers for a horse show, and I took the kids to Salt Lake City to see my grandma and to hang out with my friend Candie all day. It was way way fun!! Candie has a little girl that is the same age as Kadence so they played all day long, and Candie and I share the love for crafts so we get to sit and share ideas and browse catalogs together. She used to be a CTMH consultant but now is Stampin Up so we get double the ideas and fun.

My grandma loved to see the kids and she loved the hardbound book I made her, she looked really good and her spirits were high so it was all and all a wonderful trip. Friday we just hung out all day, I read this book "Twilight" big Stephanie Meyer that I was totally hooked into and couldn't put down...then cleaned my house up until 1 am so when Kade got home it looked like I had been productive all day. I am getting the 2nd book "New Moon" today, so I am making myself get all my chores done this morning so I can read the rest of the afternoon. Kade got home about 4am Saturday, we tried to sleep in then went and got my sister Megan's stuff from my parents (they are all in D.C.) and helped her get all moved into her new house back down in Salt Lake City. The weather was HORRIBLE, Kade and I were both saying we hadn't been in snowy wet weather like that, that bad, for a long time. It was so wet and then froze that the roads were just sheer ice. It was an adventure. Yesterday was Stake Conference so we just hung out all day together and tried to keep things mellow to keep the sabbath, we didn't want to take the kids out for one more week. It sure has been nice to have healthy kids!!

Anyway, I do have some projects to share I just need to get them loaded, and for the next two weeks will be busting my butt to create an amazing project for a retreat I am going to the last weekend in March, my uplines upline, puts it is so fun. But my swap project has to be to her by the 20th and I want it to be amazing. I got the paper ordered so as soon as it arrives...everything else goes on hold.

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